Healthy hair healthy body 101

For those of you who’ve missed it, I’m now writing regular features for the wonderful New York based Beauty & Wellbeing online magazine. Editor Clemence Von Mueffling’s magazine brings together up and coming natural beauty brands, established writers and nutritionists, and much more. My latest feature, Healthy Hair 101, covers some of my favourite hair […]

The raw organic beauty make over


Are you ready to par-tay? With New Year’s Eve almost upon us I thought it would be rude not to share some of my top tips for a great evening! Because I’m a girly-girl (well, sometimes), I’ve put together a low histamine beauty make-up tutorial to go with the Low Histamine Beauty Survival Guide.  In it […]

Going no (sham)poo? Here’s how not to gross out…

low histamine beauty dry shampoo

Chronic illness can really deflate your ego… This time last year I was still unable to tolerate shampoo on my skin. How did I know? Hair loss, dermatitis of the scalp, dandruff, extreme exhaustion and brain fog after showering, migraine, rash on my neck, jawline, back and upper arms, and  more! Once I realised shampoo […]

Healing Jasmin & Neroli body scrub (perfect for gifts!)

body scrub low histamine

What do you give friends who have everything? If you’re on a budget, wowing them by spending yourself into the poorhouse isn’t really in the spirit of things now is it? I’ve always fancied the idea of making something special for my nearest and dearest. This year I seized the bull by the horns and […]

The Low Histamine Beauty Survival Guide is here!

the low histamine beauty survival guide cover

On the low histamine diet but still suffering from rashes and migraines? Then it’s time to examine your beauty routine! As the head of a successful digital agency in London, meeting and pitching clients is a daily requirement, and looking good is a must. It took me a long time to accept the role that […]

BREAKING NEWS: chlorinated tap water ingredient responsible for rise in allergies

A study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that dichlorophenol, a chemical used tap water chlorination, is associated with an increased risk of food allergies. But fear not, scientists claim that we’re much more likely to have been absorbing it from pesticides on our fruit and vegetables, or in the cosmetics we’ve […]

Non toxic beauty: this natural hair dye prevents allergies!

UPDATE: I’m no longer reactive to shampoo or hair dye. But I’ve stopped dyeing my hair anyway. It’s just too toxic. I use 100 percent pure shampoo and conditioner. Please remember, we can be allergic to anything, even antihistamines and natural hair dye with antihistamine properties. CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONALISED HEALING HISTAMINE […]

Suffering from make up allergies or reactions? Try wearing nudes…

Suffer from make up allergies/reactions? Ever noticed nudes bother you less? Me too! An interview with Ilia Beauty founder Sasha Plavsic at the fabulous Being Content in London revealed why. Ilia’s Neon Angel has my vote as one of the top all-time greats of the natural beauty worldI asked Sasha if she thought make up allergies were […]

The Low Histamine Beauty Survival Guide: Coming Soon!

The Low Histamine Beauty Survival Guide COMING SOON… Make-up allergies got you down? Have you considered that your beloved cosmetics are causing your histamine intolerance/chemical sensitivity/mastocytosis to flare up? If you’re on a low histamine diet but still suffering from make-up allergies, rashes and migraines, don’t despair, just bin the histamine raising dirty cosmetics! I […]

Beyond make-up allergies: why I detoxed my beauty routine

rms beauty illuminizer

I find it a little bizarre that not many out there are talking about the impact of cosmetics. Even when following a low histamine and tyramine diet to the letter (almost impossible but can be done for short periods) I still suffered symptom flare ups. My attitude at the time was: “hey, I’m suffering so […]





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