Going no (sham)poo? Here’s how not to gross out…

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Chronic illness can really deflate your ego…

This time last year I was still unable to tolerate shampoo on my skin.

How did I know?

Hair loss, dermatitis of the scalp, dandruff, extreme exhaustion and brain fog after showering, migraine, rash on my neck, jawline, back and upper arms, and  more!

Once I realised shampoo was messing with my health I decided to brave something all the cool vegan-ish kids were in to: no-poo.

Yup, it is exactly what it sounds like.

And it is pretty gross, unless you know how to manage it.

One of my many coping strategies was to dry shampoo. Sadly though, all commercially available options had a ton of crap.

Now call me crazy – I prefer to eat my histamine allowance rather than spend it on my skin!

And so I came up with my own recipe, adding it, along with others and tons of info on histamine-raising cosmetics, to the Low Histamine Beauty Survival Guide.

Never one to bow to a challenge, I went out and researched but more importantly on antihistamine and anti-inflammatory beauty products that actually heal!

Luckily I put them all to paper, before realising that I was once again able to tolerate it. Woohoo!

I consider going no-poo to have been instrumental in my “recovery” from mast cell issues. I needed to know what was doing what in order to heal.

Being one big ball of histamine/inflammation, unable to tell whether it’s my nail polish or kiwis making me dizzy, make for one hell of a confusing time. I honestly believe that had I not eliminated all the nasties from my routine, It’d have taken a lot longer to achieve the current level of incredible health I’m experiencing (more on that here).

If you haven’t yet considered the impact of cosmetics on the healing process, I very much recommend using any number of websites like EWG and the Good Product Guide, to look up what nastiness lurks in your beauty routine.

I’m not just taking histamine raising, inflammation causing, mast cell degranulating, allergy inducing, ingredients here. We’re talking the big C.

While minerals really aren’t my favourite (see my book for more on that), I do accept that it’s a matter of going for the lesser of evils.

And that’s why you should feel free to go ahead and use anything you like instead of it. As a brunette I’ve been known to go for cacao!



1/4 cup tapioca starch/flour
1/4 cup rice flour
2-4 drops Jasmin essential oil (optional)
2-4 tbsp pure mineral pigment in your hair colour
plastic salt shaker
plastic bag


Twist the plastic bag and cut a piece off. Your goal is to make an icing/piping bag.

Open it up on the table and smear the inside with the essential oil.

Add in the flours and enough pigment to colour.

Gather the bag together into a cake piping bag shape.

Position over the unscrewed salt shaker and then use a pair of scissors to snip off the end, allowing the powder to fill the shaker.

Do up the cap, sprinkle on your roots and allow to sit for a few minutes.

Toss your head upside down, and brush.

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 Please don’t forget antihistamine, pain killing foods can still hurt us, so please always check with your doctor before adding new foods to your diet. 


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