Toxic Nail Polishes Trigger Histamine So Try These Instead

Summer is that time of year when everyone in the northern states and countries breaks out the flip-flops and sandals after a long winter of boots and shoes and seeks out some fun new nail polish. But do you know what’s in nail polish? There’s a reason why the smell is so potent it can […]

Histamine Intolerance Must Have: Broccoli Oil

Oil derived from sprouted broccoli seeds is rich in sulforaphane, a compound known to be highly protective of the skin, but also a natural anti-inflammatory agent that may be helpful for those of us who are healing histamine intolerance and accompanying signs and symptoms like inflammation and sunlight sensitivity. BROCCOLI FOR HISTAMINE I already loved […]

5 Antihistamine & Anti-Ageing Collagen Boosting Oils

green cosmetic arrangement

Here are my top choices for a natural anti-ageing boost that’s also antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. For a time I was convinced that caring about something so shallow, as caring about the way I looked, had a place in my life. Thankfully I realised that there was a balance to be struck between slathering layers of […]

How Histamine Affects Skin Pigmentation

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Histamine affects skin pigmentation in a numbers of ways: my two old buddy’s melasma and vitiligo. You know those patches of dark skin on your face that are barely covered by make up, get worse when exposed to the sun, and are aggravated by pregnancy hormones? Yeah, we have histamine and mast cells to thank […]

Histamine friendly cleansers and bath products

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When people tell me they’re still highly reactive no matter what dietary, stress busting, or lifestyle changes they make, I immediately suggest looking at bath and beauty products. My reactions to these were so very severe that they resulted in near immediate migraine, buzzing in my head, feet and fingers, hives and what looked like […]

Paleo Beauty

Not on the paleo diet? You don’t have to be to enjoy their uber clean beauty and bath products which are some of the best on the market. Having recently attended the Paleo FX conference in Austin, I can tell you there’s some exciting products you should check out. Please head over to my wonderful […]

Allergy symptoms and hair loss (but don’t forget iron)

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Those with hair loss combined with allergy like symptoms who do not test positive for allergies (via IgE) may have high levels of inflammatory mediators like histamine, prostaglandins and/or interleukins. These inflammatory molecules are found in mast cells in the human body and are usually released as needed, but those with chronic allergies, high overall IgE level, histamine intolerance, mast […]

Hiram Green: nature’s perfume

I’m in heaven. Absolute heaven. Because for the first time since 2010, I have found a non-migraine inducing perfume so gorgeous that I can no longer bear to be parted from it. And it’s totally free of nasty ingredients of course. I spent my first night wearing it begging my man and friends to smell me! […]

Soap the Earth: unscented bath & beauty

There was a time in the not so distant past that I was unable to wash my body with anything other than a loofah and some sea salt. Washing my hair involved a pair of kitchen gloves, my head over the tub, a bottle of four ingredient shampoo clutched in my mitts, living in terror […]

The rosacea-histamine-mast cell connection

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It wasn’t so long ago that a post I wrote on eczema being a mast cell/histamine intolerance related issue went pretty viral. A recent re-post on my Facebook page generated an impressive number of requests for me to look into whether rosacea is also one. Well, guess what folks – it sure is! Sadly it […]