Beyond make-up allergies: why I detoxed my beauty routine

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I find it a little bizarre that not many out there are talking about the impact of cosmetics. Even when following a low histamine and tyramine diet to the letter (almost impossible but can be done for short periods) I still suffered symptom flare ups. My attitude at the time was: “hey, I’m suffering so […]

Dr. Oz: “inflammation is waging a war on our bodies”

AN INVISIBLE WAR Dr. Oz calls inflammation an “invisible civil war raging in your body. Undetected it can cause heart attacks, stroke and cancer.” According to him, the problem begins when inflammation does not resolve following its role in healing an injury, causing your immune system to go haywire, turning your best friend into your worst […]

Got allergies? Homeopathic remedy reduces histamine-induced inflammation

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I’m usually on the fence about homeopathic remedies. I’d love to believe they work, but have yet to see the studies backing up their claims. Today however I found a study showing that a homeopathic remedy, Rhus Toxicodendron, “significantly reduces” carrageenan induced inflammation in rats. As I mentioned in another post, carrageenan (irish moss) is […]

Unexplained weight gain? Dr. Oz blames hidden food allergies!

Ok here’s one I totally relate to. Dr. Mehmet Oz, on his show, recently explained how hidden food allergies can make you gain up to 30lbs (20kg) a YEAR. Here’s Dr. Oz on his show explaining how, when faced with an undiagnosed allergy whereby the good bacteria cannot process the food (I think maybe he’s […]

The Low Histamine Dessert book is here!

Diagnosed with histamine intolerance/histaminosis, mast cell activation or mastocytosis? Looking for a tasty treat but have no clue where to start? My first dessert book – the Low Histamine Dessert book – is gluten free, milk free, and refined sugar free, perfect for those necessary indulgences, without the histamine hangover. I’ve always been a healthy […]

Middle Eastern & Indian spices lower histamine (and other biogenic amines) in foods!

More reasons to go natural – here’s a study showing that the addition of Middle Eastern spice sumac to Turkish sausage lowers the biogenic amines tyramine and putrsecine in foods more effectively than BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene). The effect of sumac extract and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) addition on the quality (pH, colour, biogenic amine, TBARS values […]

Food additive sensitive ADHD kids may lack histamine-degrading HNMT enzyme

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Children lacking the HNMT gene responsible (along with Diamine Oxidase) for degrading histamine in the body, are likely to suffer an increase in adverse reactions to food additives and colorings, which may exacerbate existing ADHD [1]. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing many more studies making a stronger case for food additives and colorings being […]

How histamine causes anxiety symptoms (or GAD)

How histamine causes anxiety

So the theme emerging the last few days has been that people are being told that the histaminosis/histamine intolerance is all in their head. The usual. Only rather than doctors, it’s friends and family telling them. It’s only since my recovery that people have stopped trying to convince me I’m nuts. In a way it’s understandable. […]

Histamine’s role in chronic bladder inflammation (or Interstitial Cystitis)


UPDATE 2016: Since this post I have found that oxalic acid found in plants is quite possibly far more of an issue than histamine/mast cells in my bladder issue. Moderating oxalate combined with my histamine balanced diet has completely cleared up my life long bladder pain and frequency. Read the post here. You can buy the low oxalate […]





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