How histamine causes anxiety symptoms (or GAD)

How histamine causes anxiety
How histamine causes anxiety

So the theme emerging the last few days has been that people are being told that the histaminosis/histamine intolerance is all in their head. The usual. Only rather than doctors, it’s friends and family telling them.

It’s only since my recovery that people have stopped trying to convince me I’m nuts. In a way it’s understandable. I have come up with a million reasons for my illnesses over the years. Many were the fault of doctors. I collected diagnoses like dogs acquire fleas. They were just about as useful as fleas…

Please, the next time someone tries to tell you that your palpitations are just “anxiety,” first, ask yourself if you are anxious about something.

If not, next time you see your friend, quote this:

Sometimes (ruling out heart conditions) the reason people with histamine issues have palpitations after foods (used to happen to me particularly with chocolate and strawberries) is that histamine is vasoactive.

Histamine is….a hydrophilic vasoactive amine. (Wikipedia)

vasoactive is a pharmaceutical agent that has the effect of either increasing or decreasing blood pressure and/or heart rate. (Wikipedia)

This means that histamine can affect your heart rate. Fluctuations in heart rate can cause feelings of anxiety and palpitations.

I spent years thinking that my palpitations were caused by anxiety. I still get them if I eat chocolate!


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