Histamine & Methylation

Epigenetics as a Science Study Field of Genetics

The term methylation has been forefront in the nutrition and functional medicine arenas in the last few years. Methylation is not only an important component of cell repair and detoxification, it can also majorly affect histamine levels. How does that work? Well, this normal process helps determine how well the body is able to break […]

Getting Protein on a Low Histamine Diet

Raw beef steak T bone with ingredient . Porterhouse on cutting board .

Getting enough protein can be challenging in general, but even more so when you’re dealing with histamine intolerance. After all, we’ve got to be careful about our intake of biogenic amines from meat, aged and cured meats are out, and leftovers will just accumulate histamine. And then there’s the fact that meats can be inflammatory […]

Light Intermittent Fasting Benefits for Histamine Intolerance

white plate with spoon and fork, Intermittent fasting concept, ketogenic diet, weight loss

Warmer weather in the summer often makes us think about eating a little lighter, perhaps incorporating some juicing, doing some detox protocols, and even fasting. Of course, living on water only for days at a time, while highly anti-inflammatory and antihistamine, isn’t for everyone. But even if strict, no-food fasting isn’t on your radar, you […]

Getting The Family on Board With Healthy Eating

healthy family eating lifestyle. mom and daughter preparing vegetable salad.

It’s one thing for us histamine warriors to overcome barriers and make the decision to pursue healthy eating. Our symptoms of histamine intolerance definitely keep us motivated. However, getting the family on board can be another challenge entirely. Children, in particular, may resist healthy changes — but a healthy diet doesn’t have to consist of […]

10 Signs You Have Histamine Intolerance

Do you have a really odd mix of symptoms? Wondering whether you might have histamine intolerance or a mast cell disorder? While it’s certainly true that histamine issues manifest differently from person to person, there are certain signs of histamine issues that show up time and time again. Here are 10 signs to watch for. […]

Allergies, Menopause, & Histamine

Many women go their entire lives without seasonal allergies and then all of a sudden develop them during menopause. What gives? It turns out, there’s a strong hormone connection with histamine, and the onset of menopause can set off histamine intolerance and related symptoms and conditions. This has become an epidemic, and the UK’s Daily […]

Heat is a Histamine Trigger, Stay Cool

Whether you’re in the midst of the summer season, living closer to the Equator, or traveling to warm tropical places, you may notice that when the temperature spikes, so do your symptoms. For the histamine intolerant, heat can act as a trigger, setting off symptoms. And if you get too much sun or overdo certain […]

Low Histamine Refreshing Sugar Free & Anti-inflammatory Cooling Beverages

The heat of summer calls for a refreshing drink in hand. When dealing with histamine issues, the heat can completely zap us. At that point, something cold and refreshing –and more interesting than water– is definitely called for. And hey, extra points for anti-inflammatory, antihistamine ingredients. Need some inspiration? Here are 5 refreshing drink ideas […]

Best Outdoor Finger Foods

There’s nothing like light-hearted summer get-togethers in the backyard or out on the deck fueled by delightful and delicious finger foods. For the histamine intolerant guest, chips and salsa are unfortunately a “no go” and just reading the ingredients lists on the various packaged snacks can make mast cells go bonkers. But who needs traditional […]

Best Histamine Intolerance BBQ Foods

Summertime is BBQ time. There’s nothing like the smell of hot food fresh from the grill and an al fresco meal with friends or family to wrap up a hot summer day. But “BBQ” conjures up images of tomato-based sauces that might make a histamine sufferer sigh. Not to worry. There are plenty of healthy, […]





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