Carrageenan causes histamine induced inflammation

Carrageenan (irish moss) induces histamine release

UPDATE: I have edited this post to reflect that carrageenan is an adulterated derivative of Irish Moss. “Carrageenan induced inflammation-protocol” is a phrase that keeps coming up in my histamine research. Why is this relevant? Carrageenan, a derivative of Irish Moss, is a common food additive. A quick Google search turns up thousands of studies where anti-inflammatory medicines and compounds are […]

Histamine’s role in chronic bladder inflammation (or Interstitial Cystitis)


UPDATE 2016: Since this post I have found that oxalic acid found in plants is quite possibly far more of an issue than histamine/mast cells in my bladder issue. Moderating oxalate combined with my histamine balanced diet has completely cleared up my life long bladder pain and frequency. Read the post here. You can buy the low oxalate […]

Irresistible to the opposite sex? Histamine could be why!

Estrogen can cause major histamine release in the body. Now why would you want that? Because histamine makes you um, randy, and your biological imperative is to procreate. We shouldn’t really complain though,estrogen makes us more attractive to the opposite sex…but back to my point. Studies on female rats show that estrogen supplementation, or natural fluctuations […]

Gluten/Milk/Sugar Free (delicious) Low Histamine Cupcakes!

Check out these gluten/milk/sugar free and low histamine cupcakes. There’s no unhealthy fats, preservatives, flavours, really absolutely nothing but pure, nutritious, tasty ingredients. I’m definitely an excitable gal, but these took a few tries to get right, so I’m celebrating. I’m not a huge fan of stevia/yacon as sweeteners so I use agave. You could […]

I have histamine intolerance, are my thyroid meds making me sick?

THE LOW HISTAMINE CHEF MAILBAG I found this particular email very interesting given that I’ve been misdiagnosed with thyroid issues twice in my life before being finally diagnosed with a histamine related disorder (high histamine/histamine intolerance/histaminosis). I refused meds the first time but gave in on the second. What a weird, crazy ride Levothyroxine sent […]

Does having histamine intolerance mean you shouldn’t take probiotics?

Fermented foods are so off the menu for me histamine-wise that I don’t recognise them as food anymore. My last attempt, store bought coconut yoghurt (lactose free), bought me a whole lotta face-down pillow time as it worked it’s magic on my digestive tract. Ok, enough of the dirty talk. So what’s a histamine-challened gal […]

Histamine in Foods (list)

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Barcelona-based nutritionist Adriana Duelo. She has kindly allowed me to re-blog an article that was originally part of her nutritional thesis. Adriana’s research is regularly submitted to the prestigious SPANISH SOCIETY OF DAO DEFICIENCY  (of which she is also a member). Something that quickly caught my eye on Adriana’s […]

Fight histamine-induced inflammation with yoga!

Adding anti-inflammatory foods to your fight against histamine-induced inflammation? Why stop at food? Check out this Huffington Post article on yoga’s role in reducing inflammation. The researchers found that the caregivers who participated in the yoga practice experienced a change in the response of 68 genes, leading to the decrease in inflammation. Inflammation has been linked […]

Braised Chicory Fennel Salad (anti-inflammatory)

Today’s lunch encompassed my favourite mealtime elements: this warm salad is anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and prebiotic. I’m not devoting as much time as I should to getting the “perfect” shot of my off the cuff rummages through the fridge that are usually the result of either having forgot to go food shopping, or my uber healthy […]