The Anti-Diet: Food as medicine


In my experience, sticking to a standard low histamine diet, one that includes foods that are technically low histamine according to lists found on the internet that are still technically inflammatory (more on that in the video), while eliminating high nutrient foods found on the high histamine lists, may be beneficial for a very short time. […]

Video! Roasted Butternut Squash, Shallot and Saffron Soup

yasmina video grab 2

Here it is! My first professionally shot video series. First up, a little something from my all liquid Anti-Detox book. There are times in life where we just need to kill the inflammation, be it histamine induced, or caused by any of the other inflammation spawning elements released from mast cells when the body is having […]

Histamine intolerance/mast cell stabilising supplements

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is: “What supplements do you take?” So I put together a quick video on my top histamine intolerance, histamine lowering, mast cell stabilising supplements. I explain the benefits of various antihistamine and mast cell stabilising supplements, how/why they work for me and how researching them led to […]