Low Histamine Refreshing Sugar Free & Anti-inflammatory Cooling Beverages

The heat of summer calls for a refreshing drink in hand. When dealing with histamine issues, the heat can completely zap us. At that point, something cold and refreshing –and more interesting than water– is definitely called for. And hey, extra points for anti-inflammatory, antihistamine ingredients. Need some inspiration? Here are 5 refreshing drink ideas […]

Histamine, Metabolism & Weight

One of the most frustrating histamine-related symptoms for a lot of people is the associated weight problems. And this can be either an inability to lose weight OR and inability to gain weight. If this is an issue for you, don’t despair. Certain whole foods may help. HOW HISTAMINE IMPACTS METABOLISM Metabolism is controlled by […]

Vitamin C, Nature’s Best Antihistamine For Histamine Intolerance?

powdered camu camu antihistamine for histamine intolerance

Vitamin C is an antihistamine compound with significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that could be perfectly suited to histamine intolerance. Choosing the right one though can be tricky. Here’s how to navigate the crowded supplement market and maximise Vitamin C’s benefits on histamine. ANTIHISTAMINE VITAMIN C Vitamin C has long been in the treatment arsenal […]

Chicory root, an antihistamine food for histamine intolerance?

fresh Belgian endive heads (Witloof chicory)

Post updated 24/1/2018 to clarify choice of photo.  Chicory root has significant antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. In research studies it has even interrupted the IgE allergic response cascade, thereby preventing anaphylaxis. It has an incredible number of other benefits, and many more ways to easily be worked into our diet (like as a coffee substitute). Please […]

Loquat: A Powerful Antihistamine For Histamine Intolerance

japanese plum tree

Loquat (Eriobotrya Japonica), also known as Japanese plum, or nispero, is a really tasty fruit whose leaves have significant antihistamine, mast cell stabilising, and anti-inflammatory properties. Here’s where to find it, and how you might make use of it. Please remember even antihistamine foods can cause problems… LOQUAT AS AN ANTIHISTAMINE FOOD I grew up plucking […]

(Supposedly) high histamine foods I still eat

The fact I’ve been including (supposedly) high histamine foods back into my histamine intolerance/mast cell activation diet has been a source of confusion, contention and downright anger to some of my readers. Some of the reasons I’ve worked hard to add some of the foods I eliminated over the years are:  I learned the hard way that […]


It lives! I haven’t managed to finish the transcription – having not transcribed anything longer than five minutes since my days at CNN, I totally forgot how much of a bugger it is. Yes I know, that’s what outsourcing is all about, but I wanted to extract all the good stuff for us to enjoy […]

Cauliflower Tahini Soup – High Vitamin C & Anti-Inflammatory

160% RDA Vit C & 40% RDA Vit K but only 100-150 calories per serving!  Histamine induced inflammation is a huge problem for me. I have persistent tinnitus in my head/ears as a result of it and a constant buzzing feeling in my extremities. It’s very different to the histamine itch that drives me insane, […]





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