4 Things You Should Do Every Morning (When You Have Histamine Intolerance)

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People often ask how to get started addressing their histamine intolerance. How you begin each day can make a huge difference in how you’ll feel the rest of the day. Start your day off right by following the suggestions below. DON’T RUSH TO BREAKFAST Unless you have a pre-existing condition or hypoglycemia, light fasting might […]

Histamine, Wakefulness, & Sleep

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Ever reach for Benadryl during a sleepless night? Ever wonder why an antihistamine works so well? Let’s take a closer look at the link between histamine and sleep, and strategies to help you drift off peacefully. HOW HISTAMINE AFFECTS SLEEP Histamine receptors are located throughout the body, including the brain. These receptors are the reason […]

Traveling and eating out with histamine intolerance

As I sit here on my fifth airplane flight in almost as many weeks, I’m reminded of how difficult the whole endeavour used to be. Flying I mean. A real project involving the coordination of foods, local supermarkets to hit upon arrival, the booking of an apartment with a kitchen. Some of these I still do, […]

A day in the life: my food and exercise schedule

Wondering what exactly I do to heal myself? When I share exactly what I do with people they’re often taken aback by the actual intensity of my healing schedule. I’m not suggesting this is right for you, or even for me. It’s just what’s working for me. Please do not use this as a template […]

Love in a time of sickness

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It’s a question that came up when I first started dating, post diagnosis. What do I tell this new person in my life? How significant is what I’m going through? Will it define me and this potential relationship? Will he be grossed out and turned off by potentially having to shoulder this burden with me? […]

8 top tips for dealing with a histamine reaction

We’ve all been there: the world just won’t stop spinning, your heart is just about ready to jump out of your chest, your vision is going hella weird, a migraine’s brewing, and you’re worried another bite of food will end in an Exorcist style bout of projectile vomiting. What to do? I used to live […]

Painkiller in a glass

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Ok, I’ll fess up. I caved in to my need for a painkiller today. In my defence, there are better starts to the day than smashing your foot into a cement wall. And yet I stumbled out onto the blistering cold London streets, somehow convinced this was a better plan than kicking back at home […]

The BEST histamine intolerance symptom tracking app

food intolerance app

Last year I found a food diary app that offered almost everything I needed to track my symptoms. I emailed the developer to ask if he had any plans for a version two that included the things I was looking for – at that time, the answer was no. The answer now is a resounding […]





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