The BEST histamine intolerance symptom tracking app

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Last year I found a food diary app that offered almost everything I needed to track my symptoms. I emailed the developer to ask if he had any plans for a version two that included the things I was looking for – at that time, the answer was no. The answer now is a resounding YES!

As you can tell, I’m fairly excited about this app.

It tracks:

– Food, drink, meds and environmental factors.

– Records symptoms in detail.

– Energy, sleep and bowel movements (ick, but so necessary!).

– Intensity of symptoms

– It lets you export the diary!

What really blew my mind though is that it overcomes a BIG problem with food diaries in general: that it can take up to 72 hours for symptoms to manifest. This great little app has an adjustable symptom time frame and even more incredibly – it analyses which of the foods is the most likely culprit! It basically provides you with a list of possible triggers (based on the info you feed it).

You can purchase the app here!


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