Explaining Histamine Intolerance & Mast Cell Activation (How Not to Sound Nuts)

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This might seem like a minor issue: not sounding crazy to people when explaining reasons for the diet. But in my world, before I started the blogging, and having a following for people to quantify/qualify whether I’m losing my marbles or not, the act of explaining the histamine intolerance diet to friends, family, and the […]

Fasting (and medicine) to beat aggressive breast cancer

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In October 2016 I was diagnosed with a rare, highly aggressive, and very deadly breast cancer. I beat the heavily stacked odds against me by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it, combining ancient medicine with a cutting edge update, and modern medicine tempered with a holistic touch. I am now in remission. This is my cancer […]

Week one cognitive hypnotherapy course

week 1 hypnotherapy course pdf

The cognitive hypnotherapy course has begun and already I’m feeling the stress relief kicking in. I don’t know about you, but I trace my histamine intolerance problems back to stressful life events. From refusing to eat when under great stress, to increased symptoms generally. Interestingly though, my histamine symptoms were under control for the most […]

Gluten free vegan pakoras

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When I sit down to create a recipe for folks with histamine intolerance or mast cell activation I ask myself what I can do to make it something that can be enjoyed by an entire family. Because really, is it fair to restrict the diet/enjoyment of others in our household? It’s certainly not fair on […]

Once upon a time, we all reacted to all foods

I’ve been asked at least a couple of times this week if I once reacted to any of the foods I currently eat. Once?? Any?? Blimey, I thought I’d been really clear on that on – I once reacted to ALL foods. And I mean all. I didn’t know what I was dealing with in […]

Histamine intolerance in First for Women Magazine

So, I guess this is the moment histamine intolerance went mainstream! First for Women magazine recently interviewed me for a feature on curing tiredness – you can check it out in their March 2nd issue, available in the US at all major supermarkets and Walmarts. Yes friends, this is going out to a heck of a […]

Black Friday giveaway! Free 50 page ebook

histamine intolerance recipes for christmas and thanksgiving ebook cover

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m really new to this whole Black Friday thing, but I thought I’d give it a go… From now till midnight on Monday (EST) you’ll receive a free 50 page ebook of my favourite holiday recipes with the purchase of any of my cookbooks. Visit my store here […]

I’m done with this condition

Today, on the start of my 39th year on this planet, I’ve worn red lipstick, all day, for the first time in four years. This seemingly inconsequential act is the surest sign I’ve had to date that I am done with this condition. Those of you who have read my low histamine beauty book will […]

Adventures on the Dr Oz Show

yasmina ykelenstam at the dr oz show

As you may have heard, my trip to New York got off to a shaky start. An amygdala-triggering event on the Heathrow-JFK flight left me emptying the (thankfully) minimal contents of my tummy pretty much the minute I arrived at my cousin’s Upper East Side apartment. But that didn’t matter, because I was on a […]

Fearful of food? The brain is to blame (but is also the cure)

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I’m a logical person. I’ve seen and experienced things in life that colour my perception of the world around me for sure, but not to the extent of what happened to me on the Heathrow – JFK leg of my US trip. You know how there are some French cheeses so stanky that they make […]