I’m healing, not curing (my histamine intolerance/mast cell disorder)

Crystal therapy on woman's back

  Ask any “healthy” person to really, truly, focus inwards on their body and list everything they feel happening, or anything that bothers them, and you’ll likely get an “I’m healthy as an ox” type of answer. Probe a little deeper, persist, or even just ask general, open ended, round about questions about their health, […]

The Secret

  Post by The Low Histamine Chef. When we come back in the New Year, I have some very very exciting news to share…let’s just say a picture’s worth a thousand words…. It’s not so much a story about a woman eating a strawberry for the first time in six years, not the story of […]

The role of toxic relationships in chronic illness

The following piece draws on the collective experiences of the women I have the pleasure of calling my hista-sistas in arms. As bold as we may be on the battlefield of health, matters of the heart are still the frontline. It’s hard to accurately share the hell we endure with those who have never experienced […]

The antihistamine & anti-inflammatory diet wins!

the low histamine chef yasmina ykelenstam

Yes dear friends, it seems as though I’m winning the battle against my histamine intolerance/mast cell activation/whatchamacallit! So I had to park myself outside Whole Foods in London for a juicy celebratory selfie. You’ll notice I’m mugging it up with my top ally in the battle against chronic illness –  Mr Green. Ok, now let’s […]

A thank you to my readers!

Thank You written in the sky

It’s high time I gave you all a big heartfelt thank you. Writing this blog has been the single most consistently cathartic experience of my life. Sharing my experiences with you, learning from you, feeling that I’m fighting to heal not just for myself, but in order to share my findings with you, has inspired […]

I choose life

There’s nothing quite like facing a kidnap threat in an Islamic country, being bombed/shot at, or thinking you’re going down in a chopper, to make you understand how stress affects you. In my case, as a journalist covering war zones for CNN and the BBC, in the short term, the lightening bolt of adrenalin made […]

Turning health around in (under) a year

olive leaf tea with slice of melon

UPDATED:  Please don’t miss my incredible interview with leading mast cell researcher and practitioner Dr Castells – she outlines how diet and lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to those of us with mast cell/histamine disorders. Check below for my October 2015 update!  I won’t lie – I was quite alarmed when I heard […]

The drugs don’t work but the low histamine diet does

It took exactly 38 hours to travel from London to Malindi, Kenya, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take its toll on me. I slept a total of two hours, after having stayed up writing all night before leaving (no sleep). It took a major toll on my last time I traveled […]

Histamine Survival – Travel

2017 UPDATE: This is one of my older posts. I no longer travel with any foods, except for the plane (there’s just no way I’m touching that mess!) and I don’t need to do most of the stuff on my checklist, but it’s useful for people just starting out. 2015 UPDATE: I no longer really travel […]

The Histamine Detox

THIS IS AN OLD POST, BUT RELEVANT TO PEOPLE STARTING OUT. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW I MOVED PAST THE ELIMINATION. THE LOW HISTAMINE DETOX WEEK 1 BLOOD. I NEED BLOOD! I’ve just had my blood work done. Not only will your test results tell you it’s safe to embark on a high nutrient low […]





Thank You