Plant Powered Supercharge

There are two things that immediately spring to mind when I’m asked for the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way of fighting histamine inflammation: I’m not saying we need to buy into the vegan ideology and start wearing pleather, but rather that a short burst of plant power can help kickstart the inflammation healing process. Going […]

Vitamin C, Nature’s Best Antihistamine For Histamine Intolerance?

powdered camu camu antihistamine for histamine intolerance

Vitamin C is an antihistamine compound with significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that could be perfectly suited to histamine intolerance. Choosing the right one though can be tricky. Here’s how to navigate the crowded supplement market and maximise Vitamin C’s benefits on histamine. ANTIHISTAMINE VITAMIN C Vitamin C has long been in the treatment arsenal […]

Histamine’s Effect on Memory (Goldfish Brain)

Goldfish in a fishbowl isolated on white background histamine memory goldfish brain

Difficulty remembering things? Starting to think Alzheimer’s is setting in? Don’t worry just yet. It may have nothing to do with the number of candles on your birthday cake. Those with mast cell disorders and histamine intolerance often report a lack of mental clarity and focus, as well as varying levels of forgetfulness. This is […]

30 Percent Calorie Restriction Fights Stress

Alarm clock inside a plate regarding histamine and fasting

While it might seem like we’re off the histamine topic here, please remember that stress hormones trigger histamine release. That means that lowering stress is an important strategy in fighting histamine. Many studies in the last few years have highlighted how stress hormones trigger mast cells (white blood cells found in the body) into releasing […]

Are You Pro or Anti-Inflammatory?

resolvins histamine inflammation flax seeds and oil on blue napkin

With all the conflicting information out there about which foods are pro- or anti- histamine, pro- or anti- inflammatory, it can be difficult to navigate the supermarket. Some anti-inflammatory foods can be high histamine (avocado, walnuts), and high histamine levels lead to inflammation. How do we know what to eat to resolve our chronic inflammation […]

Healing Salicylate Sensitivity

healing salicylates histamine chopping cucumber on a wooden board

As I discussed in my post, Histamine & Salicylic Acid (Salicylate) Intolerance, those with mast cell disorders and histamine intolerance may also have reactions after being exposed to salicylates in foods and other substances. WHAT ARE SALICYLATES? Salicylates are a type of phenol, a group of naturally-occurring chemicals made up of a benzene ring with […]

Histamine Depletion During Exercise (Does it Work?)

coloured barbells in a gym linking histamine to exercise

Histamine is released in the body to prevent exhaustion during times of extreme physical exertion. While depleting histamine might seem like a good thing, the rebound histamine release from mast cells could cause short or long term problems in those with pre-existing inflammation. HISTAMINE RELEASED DURING EXERCISE WHAT IS HISTAMINE? Histamine is an inflammatory agent found […]

Boosting Brain Histamine Controls Appetite

One of histamine’s dark sides is its ability to suppress appetite, to the extreme of mimicking anorexia. Researchers have for years attempted to harness this effect by using the opposite of an antihistamine, called a histamine agonist, to boost brain histamine levels and make people lose their appetite. I think we know how that could […]

NO Histamine Intolerance Inflammation

scuba tank on a beach representing NO and histamine

Nitric Oxide (NO). Such an important molecule that it was given “Molecule of the Year” status by the journal Science in 1992, nitric oxide was originally considered a hazardous gas that caused toxic effects in the environment. It was thought to be as harmful inside the body as it is outside the body. But, as […]

Fasting’s Antihistamine Properties

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A study published by British journal Nutrition & Metabolism found that an inflammatory hypersensitivity cascade involving mast cells, histamine and other inflammatory agents, could be prevented by restricting food for just 24 hours (in an animal model). The study demonstrated that food deprivation stopped local (sneezing, eyes watering, rash for example) and systemic (anaphylaxis), hypersensitivity symptoms. […]