Thyme: triple A wonder herb!

rutin rich low histamine sweet potato with thyme

Need an anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, antihistamine and anti anaphylactic pick me up that’s commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry? Well, even if you don’t, it still tastes incredible on everything from zucchini to pasta to eggs. Today I’m speaking of Thyme.

Not only is thyme amazing on foods, but thanks to its bacterial action, I’ve also been experimenting with it as a deodorant. All you need is a pestle and mortar, a little coconut oil and a big old handful of thyme!

Thyme’s antibacterial activity is so strong that it can be used to reduce bacterial resistance to penicillin and other drugs. That raised an interesting point for me. Though I had a lifetime of them prior to diagnosis, I took a seven year break from antibiotics (I needed them post surgically after freezing my eggs in 2017). Might not seem like long but I was on them monthly for most of my life for sinusitis, fever, acne, urinary tract infections. The problem? I didn’t actually have any of them. Mast cell disorders (including histamine intolerance) mimic many illnesses. So nowadays I insist on a swab and a culture before even entertaining the notion of taking anything. So far I haven’t needed to.


And there’s a bonus, thymol (the active ingredient in thyme) is a fungicide, particularly against the candida that most of our histamine disorder community seems to have chronic issues with. Throw in a little anti tumor activity and you’ve got me hooked! And that I certainly am. I put thyme and oregano (which also has the same active ingredients) on almost everything.

You want some even better news? Thymol “significantly” increases the percentage of healthy omega 3 fats in the body, particularly in the brain, kidney and heart cell membranes.

I found all of this info in one Wikipedia entry! Amazing what you can turn up when you’re in the market to heal yourself. Those with benzoate sensitivity may react to thyme though.  

Now adding rutin, luteolin and quercetin rich herbs like thyme and oregano doesn’t have to be a painstaking process requiring tons of research and kitchen hours. I’ve done the research for you, now just get into the kitchen and whip up the quickest healthiest tasty dish you can. I pretty much guarantee that a bunch of fresh thyme is sure to enhance it.

Here’s just one example: I threw together this roast in about five minutes and then left it to cook for 20 minutes while I went off to start this post.

Nutritional breakdown:

Thyme: histamine lowering/mast cell stabilising quercetin, luteolin and rutin.

Sweet potato: also packed with histamine lowering rutin and quercetin. Also possesses significant anti inflammatory and anti ulcerogenic  properties.

Red onion: stupidly high in histamine lowering quercetin. Those of you in the states might also want to check out white savannah onions – they’re the highest in quercetin, with all varieties of red onion coming in a little lower.

Olive oil (just a quick spray from a diffuser): the key ingredient to the anti inflammatory Mediterranean diet, virgin olive oil is rich in oleocanthal – a compound that possess anti inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen.

Please don’t forget antihistamine, pain killing foods can still hurt us, so please always check with your doctor before adding new foods to your diet

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