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Low histamine paleo recipes


Wondering why you’re still not feeling better, despite eliminating all the foods those lists tell you to? Have a niggling suspicion that losing all those high nutrient foods could be counter productive? Starting to worry that your five “safe foods” might turn on you one day?

It’s time to ask yourself – why go low histamine when you can go anti-histamine?

While I always tell people that it’s not just about the food, eliminating high nutrient foods from my diet turned out to be the BIGGEST mistake I ever made. But by the time the damage was done, I struggled to figure out how to fix it. At first adding high nutrient foods was challenging, till I figured out that if the goal was to add the least histamine possible to my body, why not go one step further and add antihistamine foods to my diet instead? It worked and I was finally able to come off my remaining antihistamine (zyrtec)!

My reading of the mast cell field’s top researchers (Drs Theoharides, Akin, Castells, Escribano) soon revealed that histamine, in addition to the other pro-inflammatory elements released by mast cells (prostaglandins et al), were likely causing further dysfunction in my body.

Many people in our histamine intolerance, mast cell activation disorder, and mastocytosis community are prescribed aspirin to relieve that inflammation – but why not go straight to the source? Aspirin is salicylic acid – guess where in nature you can find it? High nutrient green leafy foods! My new understanding of histamine/prostaglandin induced inflammation and the very serious ilnesses it can feed (cancer, neuro-inflammation, heart disease and many others) prompted me to address the very scarily elevated inflammatory markers in my blood work.

Thanks to my high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory approach, I’m now in the best health of my life (and have the blood tests to prove it)! And it took less than a year…

The Anti-Cookbook: High Nutrient Antihistamine & Anti-inflammatory Paleo Recipes for Health shares:

The 10 easy steps that changed my life.

The power of positivity.

A list of my top high nutrient antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory and mast cell stabilising foods.

Tasty antihistamine beverages.

Antihistamine and anti-inflammatory breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

NB: Almost every single ingredient in this book was chosen for its antihistaminic, mast cell stablising or anti-inflammatory properties…

This book is fairly hardcore high nutrient and as such incorporates green juices and smoothies. If you are new to the low histamine diet or still eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) then I recommend trying one of my other books. Please be aware that this is not a diet book, but rather a collection of the high nutrient recipes. Please be sure to consult with your doctor before adding any new foods to your diet.



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Yasmina was an award-winning broadcast journalist with a decade of experience covering war zones for CNN and the BBC. She devoted her journalism skills to researching and writing about histamine. Click here to learn about her. Each post is carefully and fully referenced with the latest scientific research. Not sure where to start? Here’s a four week meal plan and overall Histamine Reset.

4 Week Histamine Reset

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