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Is pain “down there” ruining your life? You’re not alone. Chronic “lady pains” were a hot topic at the hista-sista kvetch-sesh in Notting Hill yesterday. The abundantly histamine blessed ladies and I compared notes. The term “chronic pelvic inflammation” of idiopathic origin and vulvodynia came up quite a bit, as did its disastrous effect on mental health and intimacy with our partners.

I went home and did some research. Obviously, there was a link. It’s something that almost every single woman with histamine issues (that I’ve been brave enough to ask) has complained of.

Here’s what I found:

“Our data suggest that women with a history of urticaria, seasonal allergies or reaction to insect stings appear to be more prone to later development of vulvodynia than women with no history of these allergic reactions. We also showed that this association was largely confined to exposures that occurred before the first onset of vulvar pain, suggesting that allergenic exposures could be involved as, or a marker of, factors involved in the development of vulvodynia. We also observed that a history of other skin conditions, not as strongly related to an immune response, generally were not associated with the risk of vulvodynia. [1]”


“Vulvodynia is a complex disorder and described as discomfort or intense burning pain in the vulvar area. Such chronic pain affects 5 to 15% of women and many suffer of misdiagnosis. For sure the aetiology is multifactorial. Through few studies we consider the inflammatory response plays a major role. There is a genetic profile of women suffering of vulvodynia, especially genetic polymorphisms from genes coding for cytokines, Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and Interleukin-1 beta, and gene coding for mannose-binding lectin (MBL). These polymorphisms result in a stronger inflammatory response and lay these women in a susceptibility situation. Histological analysis showed a chronic non specific inflammation. We have also demonstrated that these patients present in normal state or under infectious induction an inadequate inflammatory response. But there is still a variety of mechanisms which can interact with the inflammatory response. Management of such vulvar pain syndrome could be very frustrating, but the first step for improvement is to get the right diagnosis [2].”

What I found particularly healing was cutting down on high oxalic acid foods like curly kale and most grains. That cleared up much of my bloating, interstitial cystitis and general sense of malaise. It took a while, but was worth it. I hadn’t realised initially that oxalates were as big an issue for me as histamine. I highly recommend getting tested if you feel this is your issue. You can check out my oxalate post here.

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All the more reason to look after your health/diet and be good to yourself (lady parts included). I’m off to make a very low histamine anti-inflammatory dinner – you’ll find plenty of recipes in my Man Food book there’s also lots of information and low oxalate recipes in my Low Oxalate Cookbook.

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