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The iPhone is a lifeline to many of us, but now it could literally save your life. A free app for iPhone called HEALTH combines the reporting from all your various health tracking apps, but more importantly offers a medical ID feature. Once your medical information is entered it can be accessed without unlocking your phone.

The hope is that it will be found when medical staff try to contact your loved ones, or, if you’re able to speak, you can share all your data in a heartbeat, without wasting precious breath.

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As you can see from the screenshots, you enter your medical condition, contraindicated medications, name of your doctor and friends/family. If dealing with histamine intolerance I suggest adding a website URL where they can research it.

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Accessing the data is simple, go to unlock the phone, press emergency in the bottom left corner, then the medical ID option will appear at the bottom.

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You can download the free app here.

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