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My Silva post a few weeks ago led to quite a few people asking for more details on how I used meditation to get me over the worst of my histamine reactions. Well, guess what? Last night was fairly unpleasant, well a little scary really, but I thought it would be a good time to finally show you what I’m talking about.

I was finding it difficult to breathe and was panicking because my throat seemed to be closing up (very rare for me) so the audio is a little uneven and I ramble a bit. My guess on how long the meditation lasted was totally off too – a good indication of how you lose sense of space and time when you’re in a deeply meditative state. My first guess was 5 minutes! But the meditation (the taped part anyway) was over 11 minutes! You just don’t notice time pass…it’s wonderful.

So here you go, my personal meditation, based around the Silva Method and others, to help me neutralise a bad histamine intolerance reaction/mast cell activation episode.

I was told stress can cause anaphylaxis, so calming down is a top priority. Please do not hesitate to call emergency or your doctor if you have a histamine reaction. I am not advocating the use of meditation over medication. Always be safe.

You can meditate while waiting for emergency services, while you administer an epi, while waiting for the doctor to arrive, while being treated with IV antihistamines. It’s not an either or situation. 

Also please remember that my reactions subside quite quickly nowadays thanks to a year of intensive high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory foods and as such may be less intense than yours. Mine were horrific back in the day…

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