Getting The Family on Board With Healthy Eating

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It’s one thing for us histamine warriors to overcome barriers and make the decision to pursue healthy eating. Our symptoms of histamine intolerance definitely keep us motivated. However, getting the family on board can be another challenge entirely. Children, in particular, may resist healthy changes — but a healthy diet doesn’t have to consist of […]

Heat is a Histamine Trigger, Stay Cool

Whether you’re in the midst of the summer season, living closer to the Equator, or traveling to warm tropical places, you may notice that when the temperature spikes, so do your symptoms. For the histamine intolerant, heat can act as a trigger, setting off symptoms. And if you get too much sun or overdo certain […]

6 Summer Histamine Challenges and Solutions

Summertime is a wonderful time of being outside, taking in the sunshine, mowing the lawn, and enjoying cookouts with friends and family. However, for those of us dealing with histamine intolerance, summer has its share of additional histamine triggers to watch out for. Heat, sunburn, and bug bites can put us over the top. But […]

Exercising with Histamine Intolerance

We all know exercise is recommended for a healthy body in the long run. However, with histamine intolerance, you’re probably finding that exercise can make you sick. Unfortunately, exercise over the short term does tend to fill the histamine/inflammation bucket. However, over the long term, it’s highly anti-inflammatory, so don’t give up just yet. Here’s […]

Top 7 Histamine Intolerance Symptoms Explained

There are certain symptoms of histamine intolerance that come up time and time again. People want to know, “Is this related to histamine?” And “Why does histamine do that?” Well, here are some of the top symptoms of histamine intolerance, some potential reasons behind the symptoms, and a few basic fixes.  BRAIN FOG According to […]

Fight Histamine Inflammation in 6 Quick Steps

Sometimes we’re inflamed or have a histamine reaction and we just don’t know why. We haven’t been eating sauerkraut or drinking wine, we haven’t been using any chemicals, we’re trying to address the stress… and yet the histamine inflammation remains. Here are some reasons and remedies to help. REMOVE THE WRONG SUPPLEMENTS Everyone is different. […]

Histamine Intolerance GERD Solutions

GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) or “acid reflux” is a common complaint among those with mast cell or histamine disorders. Many people think the only answer is a pharmaceutical drug –usually a histamine H2 blocker or a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI). While this approach may be necessary for some, I like to look at natural solutions […]

4 Top Gut Histamine Digestion Tips

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Histamine intolerance can bring with it plenty of digestive issues and diagnoses. Histamine can contribute to leaky gut as well as GERD, IBS, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. While a change in diet is paramount, there are some other simple changes you can make to make eating enjoyable again. Here are a few tips for better […]

Histamine Intolerance Must Have: Broccoli Oil

Oil derived from sprouted broccoli seeds is rich in sulforaphane, a compound known to be highly protective of the skin, but also a natural anti-inflammatory agent that may be helpful for those of us who are healing histamine intolerance and accompanying signs and symptoms like inflammation and sunlight sensitivity. BROCCOLI FOR HISTAMINE I already loved […]

Healing Histamine on a Budget

Addressing histamine intolerance and mast cell disorders doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Much can be accomplished simply by eating anti-inflammatory, antihistamine whole foods. You have to eat, anyway. And there are plenty of lifestyle choices that can help lower your histamine levels and promote healing. Here are some simple, lost-cost ways […]





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