Getting Protein on a Low Histamine Diet

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Getting enough protein can be challenging in general, but even more so when you’re dealing with histamine intolerance. After all, we’ve got to be careful about our intake of biogenic amines from meat, aged and cured meats are out, and leftovers will just accumulate histamine. And then there’s the fact that meats can be inflammatory […]

Low histamine foods I don’t eat

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While it’s true that the foods in this post are technically classified as being either low in histamine or not triggering the release of histamine already in our body, they still aren’t part of my diet. Read on to find out what they are and why you won’t find me chowing down on them soon […]

Going egg free for histamine intolerance and heart health

Eggs are a valuable source of protein, vitamin B12, iodine and riboflavin. Most importantly, for those taking certain anti-histamines and anti-cholinergics who are worried about their potential link to Alzheimer’s, they provide a good amount of choline. On the flip side however, there’s been a definite rebound from the insistence that eggs do not affect hearth health. […]

Histamine safe ferments?

As I’ve pointed out a number of times over the years (in almost every post!) cutting histamine containing foods out of the diet isn’t a great idea for long term healing. I came up with this theory when all other bloggers and the handful of practitioners actually somewhat schooled in histamine disorders were pinning all […]

Is COX induced inflammation tripping up your recovery?


Members of the Facebook mast cell/mastocytosis groups I frequent often share studies on mast cell inhibiting medications. By this I mean medications that prevent mast cells, a key component of our immune system, from breaking open and spewing histamine and other inflammatory elements, into our unsuspecting body. As you may well know, we need mast […]

The (liquid) histamine cleanse

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Today’s lunch! This book is now available for purchase here!  Busy, busy bee here in Egypt. This may look like a holiday but I’m here in Dahab (1 hr from Sharm el Sheikh) shooting my meditation course and finishing up photography on my first 100% liquid book (The Histamine Detox) here. (There’s a couple more surprises and […]

Dr Joneja: How to boost your histamine-lowering DAO enzyme (naturally)

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Download Dr. Joneja’s guide to growing DAO rich sprouts here: Pea seedlings as a supplement As I outline in my first book, a diet rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, copper and other nutrients is necessary in order for our body to produce the histamine-lowering enzyme DAO (diamine oxidase). But, I neglected to mention another (delicious) source of […]

The inflammation bucket (why I can now eat shrimp)

You’ve heard of the histamine bucket – whereby every little bit of histamine put into the body (food, animal dander, stress, pollen) builds, until it spills over into a reaction. You then need to spend a certain amount of time emptying it in order to feel better (antihistamines, green juice, stress relief). But here’s a […]

10 reasons I include foods on high histamine lists in my diet

10 reasons I eat high histamine foods list

My lunch of a few days ago – zucchini noodles with creamy avocado sauce and nigella.  In my line of work (the business of being healthy and spreading calm and happiness), the question I’m asked the most is: “Why have you used X in your recipe, I thought it was high histamine?????????????????” Heard me say […]

New Year Antihistamine Detox Jui-cie

 You know that perennial hot topic: juices vs. smoothies? My new big thing this year is hedging my bets with what I’m calling a jui-cie – a juice/smoothie combo. Those of you who follow my blog will have noticed pictures of me eating strawberries popping up here and there, as well as stories of oranges, […]





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