The Anxiety Summit

I suffered from severe anxiety for most of my life. From shaking like a leaf during social situations, to all out vertigo and nausea in high stress work environments, to severe palpitations while chilling on the sofa (in other words for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever). I went through it all. The low point anxiety-wise was […]

The histamine (mast cell) depression link

doctor holding sign saying depression

While you could say it’s pretty normal to be down in the dumps over having been sick for most of your life, I’ve often found it interesting that an impressive number of us with histamine intolerance, mast cell activation disorders and mastocytosis appear to suffer from crushing depression. So convinced was I of the link, […]

The role of toxic relationships in chronic illness

The following piece draws on the collective experiences of the women I have the pleasure of calling my hista-sistas in arms. As bold as we may be on the battlefield of health, matters of the heart are still the frontline. It’s hard to accurately share the hell we endure with those who have never experienced […]

Antihistamines treat schizophrenia

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Any/all of this sound familiar? Early symptoms may include: Irritable or tense feeling Trouble concentrating Trouble sleeping As the illness continues, the person may have problems with thinking, emotions, and behavior, including: Isolation Reduced emotion Problems paying attention Strongly held beliefs that are not real  Thoughts that “jump” between different topics (“loose associations”) Hearing or […]

How histamine conditions mimic psychiatric disorders

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Those of you who follow my blog (or who know me through the forums) are familiar with my psych background: psychiatric misdiagnoses up the wazoo, accompanied by 14 different psych meds: antidepressants, benzodiazepines, anti-epileptics, mood stabilisers and sleeping pills. Shrinks really had me convinced that the anxiety, shaking, dizziness, depression, mood swings etc were simply […]





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