Antihistamine Beet Juice

Antihistamine & Anti-inflammatory Mango Beet Juice

Yes I’m a freak. Not only do I love really weird foods (that are GREAT for me) but I also totally dig research. Today’s find? Beetroot not only kills histamine induced inflammation; it can help clear up arthritic inflammation as well as a commonly prescribed medication [1] and…it acts as an antihistamine/H1 receptor antagonist (like Claritin for example) thereby exhibiting anti-asthmatic properties [2].

What brought on this most recent bout of Google-fingers was a lovely display of golden beets at my local health food store. Now you can certainly make this juice with any colour beets – I’m just a sucker for anything pretty!

You’ll have to adjust the quantities to your personal buds. I use less fruit because I’m not in it for the flavour.

Please remember that antihistamine foods can still hurt us so please check with your doctor before introducing any new foods to your diet.

Golden Sunrise Antihistamine & Anti-inflammatory Beet Juice

3 medium golden beetroots

2 carrots

1 mango

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