5 top tips to kickstarting your histamine intolerance recovery

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A lot of people ask me how I’ve got from total histamine intolerance breakdown to where I am. While I do believe my recovery is still a work in progress, I thought I’d share how a combination of militant food planning, 30 minutes of inflammation fighting yoga and daily chanting (OM!) have allowed me to reach a far better place than I have ever been.

Thanks to my years studying nutrition (unofficially) through the teachings of Drs Fuhrman, Weil, Oz and others, I was well aware my new low histamine diet had the potential to be unhealthy and counter-productive, if applied strictly, and blindly.

To acknowledge something and to implement it are two very different things. It took me a while to get my sea legs. I floundered around for some time, terrified to add new foods or even entertain the idea of being proactive in my recovery. But I knew I had to take action when I began to approach meal time with fear and hatred, focusing on the food rather than the state of my broken body and mind. I was now eating the same five foods every single day, usually in large amounts, not understanding why I wasn’t “recovering”.

But one day I had enough. I’ve never been one to take a backseat in my career or life but I was allowing this condition to kick my ass.

So it began…

I came up with a plan for my recovery. It didn’t come at once, but every little bit has brought me closer to living life to the fullest.


For a long time, till it became intuitive, I tracked my nutrient intake through Fitday.com. It calculates how much you’re consuming of each nutrient.  From there I made a list of what was missing.


I love this nutrient search tool. It helped me figure out which low histamine foods were the highest in my needed vitamins and minerals. Armed with my list, I wrote out a food plan for 2 weeks. I didn’t introduce too many foods at once, but added the ones I was severly lacking. And then I went slow, real slow believe me.


I began taking quercetin, as needed, for my worst reactions. I now also take holy basil, at times, and have dabbled in a high potency rutin/lutelin/quercetin supplement. As with foods, I seem to tolerate supplements for a week or two before they begin bothering me. I now take them only as needed.


I’d say that I can control at least 40% of my symptoms through positive attitude, meditation and stress control. I drew up a meditation and yoga schedule.


Do you really need to try that chocolate bar to see if you’re still reacting? How about that sugar you snuck into your coffee? I include legumes, though they do bother me at times (what doesn’t?) because they offer nutrition that I can’t/refuse to get from supplements. I figure my body isn’t able to process them any more easily than it can deal with the foods themselves and I absolutely do not believe in taking massive doses of vitamins.

Check out my low histamine ‘On the Go’ and ‘DAO Support’ cookbooks for low histamine, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory recipes and low histamine food preparation tips. They’re also great if you’re struggling with general allergies and need to bring down your overall histamine level.

Does that help? How is everyone doing out there?


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Yasmina was an award-winning broadcast journalist with a decade of experience covering war zones for CNN and the BBC. She devoted her journalism skills to researching and writing about histamine. Click here to learn about her. Each post is carefully and fully referenced with the latest scientific research. Not sure where to start? Here’s a four week meal plan and overall Histamine Reset.

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