The Low Histamine Dessert Book (Yasmina in her own voice)

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Can’t live without your weekly cupcake? Jonesing for an ice cream sandwich? Pulling out your hair trying to work out a low histamine cake batter for the kids? Yup, that’s covered, too. Or maybe you’re just curious to know how you make an anti-inflammatory donut? It’s all in here, and more.

Taking away one of life’s greatest pleasures just wasn’t an option for Yasmina. So, she had to figure out how to make her cake and eat it too. The trick was in figuring out how to do it without suffering the dreaded histamine hangover that would leave her hugging her pillow (or the toilet) for days.

She used to think that, if she was going to cheat, it should be with something spectacular. So, let’s just whip out the Ben & Jerry’s! But the days of misery nursing a bloated stomach, depression, anxiety, and the inability to focus on her work just ended up not being worth it. So, cue the low histamine dessert book, for those who’d like to indulge, responsibly.

The easy to shop for and follow recipes are gluten free, can be lactose free (or not), and are refined sugar free. And don’t worry, there are substitutions galore.