The Low Oxalate Cookbook (Yasmina in her own voice)

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Please Note: This is a digital eBook.

Wondering how on earth to go low oxalate and low histamine at the same time? This book serves up the high nutrient, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory recipes Yasmina created to fuel her body while healing. You’ll find healthy green juices and smoothies, pancakes, waffles, tarts, tacos, and more, many of which feature simple adaptations the entire family will enjoy. In keeping with her dietary philosophy, this book doesn’t embrace the pursuit of the elimination of symptoms through restriction, but rather adding as much nutrition to the body as possible, to give it a fighting chance of healing overall. Recipes do not contain: refined sugars, soy, corn, dairy, nuts, or gluten. This book is not vegan. Please note that as with histamine lists, oxalate lists vary in content, so Yasmina chose not to include any particular list of low oxalate foods in this book. The recipes were created using Susan Owens’ oxalate food list. We highly recommend joining her “trying low oxalates yahoo group” for a comprehensive list.