Healing The Brain To Heal The Body: Online Workshop (Yasmina in her own voice)

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Please Note: This is a recording of the live online event 

In Yasmina’s words, “Healing my body turned out to be 10% diet and 90% brain. A bold statement I’m sure, but it’s the truth.”

One of the most life changing set of studies we’ve ever read is about how scientists can provoke a mast cell/allergic response in test subjects who believe they’re being exposed (but aren’t) to an allergen. The crazy thing is that the test subjects had their immune systems triggered without their conscious knowledge, using a method called conditioning, which can be used to elicit a negative or positive response.

Based on studies like these, Yasmina spent years using conditioning, meditation, visualization, hypnotherapy, and more on herself to help open herself up to the possibility of healing.

In five years of pouring over the medical literature and trying to figure out the missing link in her healing approach, Yasmina amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge that she is here passing on to you in this two hour online workshop.

Have you been reading about neural/brain/amygdala retraining but aren’t sure it’s right for you?

Not sure which approach is right for you?

Do you just wish someone could give you little samples of each and help you make a decision without committing to an entire program?

Well, here you go.

Yasmina was so sick that she couldn’t tolerate any scented products (organic or otherwise) on her skin or scalp. She spent an entire year without shampooing her hair due to excruciating shampoo-induced migraines, dizziness, and blurred vision, brought on by even unscented products.

Lipstick made her lips break out (yup, that’s a thing) and her fingers buzz with electric-like sensations. And nail polish? Forget about it. She’d need bed rest for days after.

Food was another story: seizures, vomiting, hives, severe gastrointestinal issues, chronic fatigue (with post-food narcoleptic episodes).

There was no end in sight until she started reading about neural plasticity, the placebo and nocebo effect, the amygdala, and more. She finally figured out a way to harness this information for healing.

We’re absolutely not saying that anything in this workshop or the programs she’s going to discuss are going to resolve these symptoms, but rather that the brain needs to be stable and rewired for healing in order to give the body a fighting chance. 

When Yasmina first came across these programs, she felt the science wasn’t there, and so ignored many of these methods for years. But the science caught up, and she wished she had tried some of these things sooner. But at the time, she wrote much of this stuff off as a bunch of new age schtick fleecing her of her few remaining dollars.

Some of it is, though.

That’s why she put on her journalist (skeptic) hat and found all the latest research on how the brain affects healing, plus how we can use this knowledge to our advantage.

Don’t miss out on this incredibly powerful workshop, where Yasmina personally leads you in three live visualizations and meditations that she used regularly until she was able to reclaim her life.

You’ll receive a number of freebies which you’ll find at the bottom of the page.

The Workshop

45 minute talk: the basics 

  • Does stress affect mast cells/histamine?
  • The vagus nerve connection
  • The role of the amygdala
  • How Yasmina retrained her brain
  • A rundown of the most popular, evidence-based neural retraining systems
  • Brain training on a budget

45 minutes: brain training in action

  • The Moringa Tree visualization
  • The hot oil visualization
  • The beach meditation

You will receive free downloadable mp3s, totaling over 45 minutes of audio to use at home after the workshop.

Freebies to get you started

  • 30 minute restorative yoga video led by Yasmina
  • 25 minute mp3 audio: The Moringa tree visualization
  • 15 minute mp3 audio: cognitive hypnotherapy sampler (courtesy of Hazel Gale)
  • 9 page pdf: healing with cognitive hypnotherapy (courtesy of Hazel Gale)
  • 50 page eBook, Short But Sweet: A Nutrient Dense Approach to Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation

The 30 minute restorative yoga video is led by Yasmina and her yoga teacher, Tomas, in a beautiful Spanish villa.

*You will receive an email to the workshop video and to download these after purchase. Please be sure to check any emails you have associated with your payment system (i.e. PayPal) or just generally any other email addresses and your junk mail folder right after ordering please. 

What this is not:

Yasmina was not a doctor or nutritionist, so please understand that she does not dispense medical advice or tell you what to eat. This is not a cure – She absolutely make no claims that the information in this workshop will heal or cure any medical conditions. Any information given in this workshop must be shared with your medical professional.