Beyond The Low Histamine Diet: Online Workshop (Yasmina in her own voice)

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90 Minute Online Workshop 

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It’s time to move beyond the histamine elimination diet…

Are allergy-like symptoms preventing you from living the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Is your “safe” list down to single digits?

Are doctors telling you it’s all in your head?

Yasmina was proof it’s not, and that there is hope.

At one point, she was so sick, dizzy, fatigued, and unrelentingly depressed that her bedroom became her whole life.

Bath products hurt her and so she scrubbed herself with sea salt and water alone. Makeup broke her out in hives and migraines so she rocked the androgynous look. Crying over clumps of hair clogging the shower drain was a daily occurrence.

But worse than all that:

She was starving.


She was terrified of food and felt life wasn’t worth living shackled in the low histamine elimination diet prison.

Suddenly she realized she was doing it all wrong. She did a 180 and started eating what she wanted, going where she wanted, and doing whatever she wanted, and feeling even better than she did in her teens.

And now her work is here to help you get here.

In this 90 minute webinar, Yasmina covers a good chunk of the information that helped turn her life around.

You’ll also receive the very same documents she gave out in consultations. These are the very same PDFs she and hundreds of others have used to gain a deeper insight into their health and formulate a coherent healing plan.

The science 

  • Histamine intolerance or mast cell disorder – which is it?
  • Diagnosis – nailing it down
  • Medical treatments
  • Scientifically proven supplements

Foods heal

  • How diet helps healing
  • The 4 week elimination diet (the right way)
  • Un-confusing histamine lists
  • The Anti-Diet vs the traditional low histamine diet
  • Why the histamine bucket theory is out of date
  • What her diet looked like (feeling like a champion)


  • Pantry reboot: restocking for health
  • Kitchen hacking: less cooking more living
  • Don’t go for broke: spending your histamine allowance on a budget

Re-wiring the brain

  • Understanding how trauma can cause immune dysfunction
  • The role of the amygdala in food reactions
  • Brain reprogramming techniques

Beauty and body

  • The wrong exercise triggers histamine: here’s the work around
  • Beauty products that help lower histamine and inflammation

In addition to this wealth of information, you’ll walk away with a number of documents to get you up and running*:

  • 50 page eBook Short But Sweet: A Nutrient Dense Approach to Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation
  • A symptoms PDF spreadsheet to help you work out what’s causing what
  • Her personal antihistamine and anti-inflammatory shopping list to inspire your next pantry stocking
  • A weekly meal planner PDF to take the headache out of eating
  • Her own personal weekly meal planner as a sample
  • A worksheet to help you prioritize food re-introduction

*You will receive these documents via email right after the workshop ends.

What this is not

She was neither a doctor nor nutritionist, so please understand that she/we do not dispense medical advice nor tell you what to eat. Any information given in this workshop must be shared with your medical professional.





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