Having a happy ho-ho-holiday

low histamine christmas cookies and egg nogg

Life can be a little overwhelming when dealing with a chronic inflammatory condition. Events that were once pleasurable are now fraught with fear of a loss of control of our environment, or ruined by a never-ending histamine hangover. But this Christmas I’d like to share with you some strategies, tips and positivity on how to […]

Antihistamine & anti-inflammatory hibiscus smoothie

antihistamine & anti-inflammatory hibiscus smoothie

Yum yum yum! This beautiful smoothie is perfect for outdoor summer entertaining. Thanks to the vibrant colour, even my friend’s kids wanted a glass. I brewed up a cup of mast cell stabilising/antihistamine quercetin rich and anti-inflammatory hibiscus, let it cool for a minute, before tossing in a cup of quercetin and mast cell stabilising/histamine […]

Why you should be playing with food…

natural antihistamine shots with nigella sativa

Eating the same thing over and over numbs the appetite. Nowadays when I slip into “can’t be bothered to cook/eat/grocery shop” mode, I realise what’s amiss. Seduction. Eating for health means easily falling prey to the “it’s ugly and tastes nasty so it must be good for me” way of thinking. Wrong. Convincing yourself that […]