The Histamine Reset FAQ’s

Question: Is histamine inflammation really such a big deal?  Because a lot of the warnings just sound like fear mongering…

Answer: If you read the medical literature, inflammation has been conclusively linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, IBS, Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis (among others). This is not to say that these conditions are going to develop overnight, but little bits of damage occurring every day (that we lie to ourselves about experiencing) is lining us up for an unpleasant surprise.

Question: What exactly is included in the program? Will anything be sent by mail?

Answer: You’ll get the four week food plan, 7 day vegan meal plan, histamine detective sheet, weekly instructional videos on everything you need to know about living with histamine, a 25 minute meditation audio, a 10 minute yoga meditation video, and a 30 minute restorative yoga video. All of the products are digital only and can be easily read from the comfort of your computer, mobile device, or e-reader.

Question: Does the program involve drinking gallons of green juice and doing coffee enemas? And am I going to have to give up the foods I love?

Answer: Absolutely not. We (Yasmina included) learned the hard way that giving up everything you love food-wise is unsustainable and a sure fire way to end up cranky and sanctimonious. Yes, there are juices if you want them, but coffee belongs in a mug, not up your poop shoot!

Question: How long will it take to see results?

Answer: Many have very fast results, but it is very dependent on how much inflammation you are currently dealing with and how long it has been raging in your body. Rather than proposing her own view, Yasmina took the best bits of research from medical studies and combined them into an easy to follow program that really and truly works.

Question: I’m [Paleo/gluten free/GAPS/you name it]. – Will this program work for me?

Answer: Yes, there are many substitutions offered, should you need them. We’re not saying you should replace whatever system you’re using now – but rather understand that all these programs are missing fundamental information about inflammation and in some cases they’re just getting it plain wrong.

Question: Is dealing with histamine inflammation really possible?

Answer: Absolutely! We, Chef Philippe and Betsy, are living proof, as are the tens of thousands of readers Yasmina helped guide through this. Yasmina was an extreme case. Most people aren’t as symptomatic as she was. Yasmina said she was actually grateful for this illness, because she got to a point where her body forced her to pay attention after years of neglect. Put in a little effort now and you’ll reap the rewards for decades to come.

Question: How long is the program?

Answer: The program is designed to be 28 days or 4 weeks. You will be given access to a new week every 7 days. By no means is this a set timeframe. Please go at your own pace, as our bodies are all different.

Question: What happens if I have an adverse reaction during the program?

Answer: As with any program, diet, etc. please consult your doctor immediately if any adverse reactions arise. Furthermore, if you are on any medications, pregnant, breastfeeding, or anything else that may be of concern, please consult your doctor first.

Question: How long will I have access to the program?

Answer: Forever! Access to the program is forever as we want you to be able to revisit it anytime or go through it again in times of high reactivity.

Question: if I have any questions throughout the program who do I contact?

Answer: Contact [email protected]. We’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.