The Low Histamine Beauty Survival Guide (Yasmina in her own voice)

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Please Note: This is a digital eBook.

On the low histamine diet but still suffering from rashes and migraines? Then it’s time to examine your beauty routine!

As the former head of a successful digital agency in London, meeting and pitching clients was a daily requirement for Yasmina, and looking good was a must. It took her a long time to accept the role that cosmetics played in her declining health. But once she did, she worked hard to get out of the toxic beauty mindset and figure out alternatives. In this eBook, you’ll find the tips, tricks, and coping strategies Yasmina discovered, developed, and employed that helped her stand out from the crowd in one of the world’s most fashionable cities.

You’ll find a list of anti-inflammatory, age-defying natural products, her favorite non-allergenic make-up, beauty, cleansing and styling products, Yasmina’s personal beauty & make-up routine, and tips on everything from the perfect updo to how to have “the talk” with your hairdresser.

You’ll also find pages of resources and information on the biggest scams the makeup industry has perpetrated: hypoallergenic makeup, organic labeling, carcinogenic ingredients, and the hypocrisy of the pink ribbon campaigns.