Histamine Safe Foods & Products

dog with question marks looking at several high histamine foods

Please note that there is no histamine safe product that works for absolutely everyone. So please make sure to check with a medical professional before adding any of these items to your diet or beauty routine. These are products I have personally used, or am currently using. We are all different, what works for one may not work for others.

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Some of the items in this list are simply the better versions of what’s commercially available, but could still be classified as high histamine (like the soy polish remover. I’ve personally found that natural products cause less of a histamine issue than chemicals.

You’ll notice there are some sugars and gluten free flours all the way at the bottom. Sugar is inflammatory for many of us, but we’re human right? So these are the foods I’ve used to make tasty ocassional treats full of nutrient dense foods rather than crappy processed stuff.

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