Buy a Consultation (We no longer offer consultations)

Buy A Consultation (We No Longer Offer Consultations)

Confused? Wondering Where To Start? Need Some Motivation?

For the last two years I have done my very best to answer every email I receive, but now, due to the incredible increase in volume, I am struggling to help everyone I can, while continuing to run the blog and write books.

So I’ve decided to begin offering Skype chats:

A typical call could involve…

  • Specialists or nutritionist referrals.
  • Sharing how I started and now maintain an antihistamine free lifestyle and travel up to half of the year, helping you gain and understanding of how to do it for yourself.
  • Food diary analysis – figuring out what might be tripping you up.
  • Being your cheerleader! Sometimes we just need a partner in crime who knows what we’re talking about! I motivate with the best of them…
  • Helping you build your own diet – but you’ll need to show it to your doctor before starting please!
  • Showing you how to easily incorporate meditation, yoga, in baby steps.
  • Creating an incremental schedule for you to slowly ease into new eating habits.

Ask me any question you like. Just let it all hang out. No matter how weird, wonderful, seemingly inconsequential – believe me, I’ve heard it all.

Please understand

  • I do not believe in long term restriction.
  • I do believe we’re all capable of healing.
  • I do not believe that a no meds approach is for everyone.
  • I have been where you are so I understand what you’re going through. It will get better. I’ve talked so many people through this – we all get better.
  • Don’t forget to check out the testimonials page.


I’m no longer offering one on one consultations. You’ll find most of the information needed to get started in my two-hour online workshop recording. Click here.

(We No Longer Offer Consultations)





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