Excess histamine mimics anorexia

scale with tape measure

In the past I have alluded to my anorexic-like phase, when I was only “able” to eat four or five foods. My weight plummeted to 52kg or so, on a 1.78m frame (114.5lbs, 5ft 10). Honestly, it wasn’t my first brush with the A word. When I was 14, a photo in our biology textbook […]

I have histamine intolerance, are my thyroid meds making me sick?

THE LOW HISTAMINE CHEF MAILBAG I found this particular email very interesting given that I’ve been misdiagnosed with thyroid issues twice in my life before being finally diagnosed with a histamine related disorder (high histamine/histamine intolerance/histaminosis). I refused meds the first time but gave in on the second. What a weird, crazy ride Levothyroxine sent […]