Negative food experiences make future histamine reactions more likely 

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Conditioned taste aversion is a survival mechanism whereby animals learn to associate taste with a food that has made them sick; usually because it’s toxic or spoiled. In some cases the conditioned association between a food and sickness is so strong that the amygdala, the primitive part of the brain whose role it is to identify whether something […]

Fasting’s effect on diamine oxidase (DAO) & histamine intolerance

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Two important questions regarding fasting for those with histamine intolerance are: does not eating affect the function of the histamine degrading diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme, and is the stress of not eating so extreme as to negate the benefits of it?  All references at the bottom of post. Why a post on fasting? I’ve long used […]

Triphala: Ayurvedic Antihistamine for Histamine Intolerance?

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For over two thousand years the Ayurvedic remedy Triphala has played a key role in the practice of Indian traditional medicine. There’s been considerable research validating a number of these remedies recently, including the news that Triphala, a combination of three medicinal fruits, is a powerful natural antihistamine that also stabilises mast cells and acts as an […]

Histamine and smell

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A small study has just revealed that scented laundry washes contain carcinogens that may raise cancer risk if inhaled. This is unlikely to be a problem for people with histamine and mast cell disorders given that our heightened sense of smell and reactions to scents, prevent most of us from using them. The question is […]

Estrogen & Histamine

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Have you noticed that your annoying histamine intolerance and mast cell symptoms, particularly fogginess, bloating, headaches and tenderness, get worse just before your period? Yup, it’s your hormones, and the interaction between histamine and estrogen in particular.  And now researchers tell us that estrogen is the reason that women have longer anaphylactic episodes than men.  Estrogen surges […]

Histamine Migraine Fixes

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Histamine can cause the recurrence of a headache that’s been treated with meds (like NSAIDs or migraine meds for example), make a pre-existing headache worse, and trigger an immediate or delayed headache. Yet studies on antihistamines as treatments have largely failed, with a few exceptions. I can tell you from personal experience that histamine is […]

How Histamine Affects Skin Pigmentation

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Histamine affects skin pigmentation in a numbers of ways: my two old buddy’s melasma and vitiligo. You know those patches of dark skin on your face that are barely covered by make up, get worse when exposed to the sun, and are aggravated by pregnancy hormones? Yeah, we have histamine and mast cells to thank […]

Researchers confirm that inflammation, histamine, cause anxiety (GAD)

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It’s hardly news to us those of us with histamine intolerance and mast cell activation that inflammation can cause symptoms of anxiety. Now though, the research has finally caught up, with scientists identifying altered pro and anti-inflammatory profiles in patients with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). One of the inflammatory agents is monitored in the study […]

7 BEST foods for histamine intolerance

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Start the new year right with these 7 histamine intolerance foods that fight inflammation, are histamine friendly and super healthy for the body overall. I guarantee that you’ll always find these foods in my fridge and cupboards because I leaned heavily on them for the last five years, before figuring out that I was able […]

Magnesium deficiency triggers histamine inflammation

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Did you know that something as simple as a vitamin or mineral deficiency can trigger histamine induced inflammation? While many deficiencies can be responsible for confusing symptoms when we’re doing everything else right, today I’m going to focus on one of the most likely contenders: magnesium. A study published in the Drug-Nutrient Reactions journal found that dietary […]





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